Holistic “insetting” by Novocarbo gets featured in t3n magazine

Holistic “insetting” by Novocarbo gets featured in t3n magazine

© Mac Mullins

Carbon Dioxide Removal, or negative emissions, must scale to a relevant degree before the end of this decade. The German t3n magazine dedicates an entire feature to the most renowned technologies and ideas for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and of course Novocarbo, with its CarboControl solution, is included.

Thereby, companies are accompanied from the conception through implementation up to the operational business. As an experienced operator of pyrolysis plants and a certified biochar company, we ensure smooth carbon credit trading, the utilization of outputs and the recycling of regenerative process heat, which represent considerable cost savings, especially in times of volatile energy prices and rising carbon prices.

For negative emission technologies to take a foothold in corporate and government sustainability strategies, it is essential that utility and circularity are considered from the outset to maximize cost effectiveness while safeguarding environmental integrity.

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