How Novocarbo is making the district heating network in Northwest Mecklenburg (Germany) greener

German newspaper Ostseezeitung introduces Novocarbo's new Carbon Removal Park Baltic Sea

Ostsee Zeitung

When it comes to scaling up our carbon removal solutions, a main criteria for new sites is to feed our green heat into a nearby heating network. In Grevesmühlen in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany), the conditions were ideal: as part of the “Green Industrial Area Northwest”, Novocarbo’s latest Carbon Removal Park supports the town’s efforts towards renewable energy and climate-neutral heating solutions.

In an article (print and online), the regional newspaper Ostseezeitung presents how Novocarbo is advancing its unique product concept with the Carbon Removal Park Baltic Sea: In the interview CEO Caspar von Ziegner explains the pyrolysis process that produces biochar and CO2-neutral heat, and explains how Grevesmühlen uses the heat for the local district heating network. “For us, the issue of district heating was crucial and this plays a major role in the new German states and especially here in Grevesmühlen,” says Caspar von Ziegner on the choice of the new site.

We‘re excited to have the first coverage of the Carbon Removal Park Baltic Sea, which will open in the first quarter of 2023!

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