About us

„We are passionate about biochar.”


NovoCarbo stores CO2 in the soil and launches first German certificates on the market. Read more here.

Towards a sustainable future with high-quality biochar

As one of just a few available CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage) technologies, we capture CO2 from the atmosphere and store it in biochar. This upgrades the sequestered carbon into a product with real value. The carbon then becomes a soil improver for soil manufacturers, agriculturalists, gardeners and landscapers or a carbon negative material for the manufacturing industry in the form of fillers or additives.

As project developer and service provider, we close existing material cycles for companies in a way that benefits the environment. To do this, we upcycle biogenic residues and by reintegrating it into the supply chain accomplish a permanent carbon sequestration within the supply chain. Where biochar cannot be reintroduced into the supply chain, NovoCarbo markets it through its existing international client network.

The CO2 equivalent of NovoCarbo biochar is certified as of 2020. CO2 credits are currently traded on a carbon sink exchange.

Our philosophy

„We are passionate about biochar.”

Our vision motivates us to create decentralised application systems for biochar that fulfil these three dimensions:

  • Use of sustainable biomass
  • Efficient use of energy (process by-product)
  • Consistent use of biochar

Management Team

Caspar von Ziegner – Managing Director

Many years of experience in the energy industry and corporate management
Responsible for technical management, sales, business development, production and product development, and more

Florian Lage – Head of Marketing and Sales
Agricultural Economist

Expertise in marketing and sales of agricultural products, in the field of agricultural innovations and in agricultural operations (biogas)
Responsible for marketing, sales and business development with a focus on agriculture

Venna von Lepel – Head of Strategy
Agriculturist and Dipl. Medwiss.

Longtime expertise in strategy and communication

Private clients
NovoCarbo is partner of enterprises (B2B). However, private customers can procure our high quality biochar through our experienced partner, HerbaCarbo. These experts are pleased to service you and address your inquires.
click here for HerbaCarbo site (DE)