„We are passionate about biochar.”

Our way to optimal biochar

Applied research and development – these are the key building blocks of NovoCarbo’s corporate philosophy.

We cooperate with international experts in the field of biochar research and support projects with research institutions and academic institutes.

Our focus is on the field of application. We closely integrate our customers and their needs into the research process and jointly develop the required application features.

Different input materials

We have tested various input materials. This is particularly important against the background of a wide variety of applications, because not every biomass is suitable for every application. There is no such thing as “biochar”, but rather various types of biochar that are tailored to the needs of the respective customer.

NovoCarbo uses its facilities to test various input materials and their advantages. We have a laboratory plant in which we can perfectly test batches from 5 kg. This allows us to see how the input material behaves. After a successful result, we continue our research in series production. For this we need at least 2,000 kg of input material.
In recent years we have tested various types of wood, shells, kernels, spent grains and biomass in our laboratory.

Some examples of our previous engagements

Decontamination and water treatment

We support a European research project on glyphosate soil purification. The glyphosate is bound in biochar and decomposed by bacteria in a subsequent microbiological process.

NovoCarbo is in exchange with well-known companies from the pharmaceutical and chemical industries to use biochar for the purification of water and soil. There are also applications for the purification of surface water in the agricultural and municipal sectors. Especially in agriculture this can become interesting against the background of production costs and soil pressure.


Animal welfare

Together with a leading German university and a specialized company, we are currently conducting a feeding trial with 150 dairy cows. The aim is to scientifically prove the presumed better milk quality. This research project is supported by veterinarians who are familiar with the effects of biochar.


Carbon Black

The production of carbon black under controlled conditions based on biochar is also an interesting approach for incorporating the advantages of sustainable and locally-sourced raw materials, combined with the carbon sequestration potential. We are currently in a research project to integrate this into our manufacturing process.

The materials are also of great interest in the production of plastics, since the electrical conductivity of biochar is also desired there.

Activated biochar

NovoCarbo develops various types of activated biochar based on biochar. In order to achieve a larger surface area for the highest quality requirements, we are currently expanding one of our proven technologies. With this new technology, we will be able to guarantee series production of activated biochar from regionally renewable biomass.

Activated biochar is particularly suitable for the filtration of water and air as well as a colouring agent for food and cosmetics. In addition, activated biochar is used in chemistry and biology in other areas, which are constantly being expanded.


Industrial fillers

As a filler in industrial processes, biochar can provide several benefits at the same time. That is why we see a great future in this segment. In collaboration with a major US manufacturer of carpets and floors, we are testing the use of biochar as a means of binding CO₂.

With biochar a real sequestration of CO₂ can take place. In the manufacture of building materials, for example, biochar is used as a substitute in the manufacturing process of components and products. This guarantees the storage of CO₂ in the component and thus fixes it for a long time.

In addition to sequestering CO₂, the other properties of biochar can also have a positive effect on the later product. The large surface promotes faster water absorption and long water storage.


Fertilizer industry

The use of biochar in the fertilizer industry has two essential aspects. On the one hand, the potential for carbon sequestration makes it attractive and on the other hand biochar with its characteristics can be beneficial for plants. The targeted thinning of the underfoot in particular represents an interesting research approach that we at NovoCarbo are researching with a European fertilizer group.

Private clients
NovoCarbo is partner of enterprises (B2B). However, private customers can procure our high quality biochar through our experienced partner, HerbaCarbo. These experts are pleased to service you and address your inquires.
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