„We are passionate about biochar.”

The energy of the future

Biomass is the energy of the future – and much more. If selected biomass is refined by carbonisation (charring), valuable products such as biochar, feed biochar and activated biochar can be obtained in addition to thermal energy.

Finishing with PYREG

In the PYREG process, biomass is completely refined into biochar and regenerative heat energy. The gentle thermal treatment leads to the destruction of pathogenic pathogens and organic pollutants while preserving the nutrients. Carbonised biomass is active climate protection because the biochar in the biochar is permanently bound and thus removed from the cycle.

EBC Certified Biochar

NovoCarbo uses PYREG technology. At the Dörth site, our company operates one of the world’s largest sites for the production of EBC-certified biochar. We operate three PYREG P500 plants there and produce over 800 tons of biochar in EBC premium quality every year. In addition to the production of biochar, we have approx. 450 kW of thermal energy available at our site. This energy is used directly for drying processes in neighbouring plants. One part is converted to green electricity in an ORC process and used on site. This is how we achieve our all-round clean ecological footprint.

Private clients
NovoCarbo is partner of enterprises (B2B). However, private customers can procure our high quality biochar through our experienced partner, HerbaCarbo. These experts are pleased to service you and address your inquires.
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