Novocarbo Plant in Dörth – an Early Example of Plant-carbon Based Carbon Credits

Novocarbo plant in Dörth – An early example of plant-carbon based carbon credits


Our plant in Dörth serves as a model for Novocarbo’s vision going forward – and resulted in some of the first plant-carbon based carbon credits sold in Europe.

Waste heat from the facility is sent to the neighbouring concrete plant, making it particularly sustainable as that allows them to reduce the unnecessary burning of fossil fuels. The input material at the plant is the residue from sustainably produced wood chips. Not only do we ensure our input materials and energy sources – which include an on-site PV installation – are sustainable, our just in time delivery of input materials reduces the need for long storage which can result in unnecessary CO2 emissions.

We worked close with Pyreg to install three of their Pyreg P500 plants, which are together capable of turning the wood waste into over 700 tons of EBC premium quality Biochar every year. This enables a significant decrease in emissions, which can in turn also greatly reduce the need for carbon offsetting. The plant is highly flexible, which has allowed us to experiment with different input materials, refining our expertise in the process. This will will enable us to continue to develop a wide range of high-quality Biochar products well into the future.

The plant utilizes PyCCS technology, and has been awarded EBC C-sink certification, ensuring the highest standards are maintained throughout the life of the project. This certification is important, as it enables Novocarbo plants to act as a vehicle for CO2 compensation. Through our guidance, customers are able to reach climate neutrality and net zero goals while contributing to the growth of the circular economy.

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