Skanska and Novocarbo Develop Sustainable Construction Solutions

Skanska and Novocarbo develop sustainable construction solutions

As one of Sweden’s leading globally active construction companies, we are aware of our impact on nature and the associated responsibility we have for our environment. That is why our goal is to operate in a completely climate-neutral manner by 2045. To this end, we are promoting low-carbon solutions and gradually converting our production and value chain to net-zero carbon emissions. Skanska aims to be a global leader in this area and biochar plays a central role in our sustainability strategy. The great potential biochar holds in the construction industry is only now coming to light.

With Novocarbo products, we reduce our carbon footprint and give back to nature what we take from it. In fact, the carbon savings are able to fully compensate for the emissions from transport lorries used to transport our materials. Whether it is used as compost for green spaces or roof terraces in our development concepts, or as a potential building material, the versatile substance could be applied to many applications in our projects. Biochar is a central building block for our company – and hopefully soon for entire industry – on the way to a sustainable building industry. We are extremely excited to work with Novocarbo to develop further innovative solutions for the building sector. Meeting the 1.5-degree target is a concern for all of us: we hope that other companies in the construction industry will follow this example, contribute to the environment and open up a promising new market.

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