Novocarbos business model is being recognized in newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt

CEO Caspar von Ziegner talks about his vision and expansion plans


“One of the most promising technologies for CO₂ reduction and recycling processes is being advanced by Hamburg-based start-up Novocarbo.” This is how the editor of the German newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt describes the business of Novocarbo, referring to the storage of CO₂ in biochar that is made out of biogenic residues.

In the recently published article in the business section of Hamburg’s main daily newspaper, our CEO Caspar von Ziegner, explains what led to the founding of Novocarbo and where he sees the company’s future. Besides detailed information about our newest Carbon Removal Park „Baltic Sea“ in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, he gives insights into the expansion plans of Novocarbo for the next years.

The article also tells about the work that is being done in Novocarbo’s headquarters in Hamburg: All central functions such as sales, marketing, or product development are bundled here to control and lead the business. And the team is constantly growing and searching for new colleagues!

We feel very excited that our work against climate change found recognition in the city’s most important daily newspaper!

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