We are Novocarbo

We are scientists, soil enthusiasts, engineers and business professionals that take a holistic approach to unlock the benefits of a sustainable and prosperous economy.

Meet our companies

Novocarbo is about carbon removal – however, the company was built by business professionals with a legacy of passion for soil & agriculture. Our origin therefore lies in a fascination for biochar and its applications: selling and using biochar has been the backbone of our activities since 2018.
Today we are proud to leverage that knowledge to offer one of the first scalable Carbon Removal Solutions on the European market.

Novocarbo Biochar is at the frontier of the biochar space. In recent years, we have become one of Europe’s leading suppliers, using the material for a variety of applications ranging from industrial feedstocks, agriculture and water treatment, to decarbonizing building materials. We are working with companies and research institutes around the world to develop new use cases.

Swiss Biochar stands at the forefront of the global biochar movement. 10 years of experience have shaped the portfolio of Swiss Biochar, resulting in unique, highquality substrates, such as our Swiss Terra Preta™ and biochar products suitable for horticulture, households and blue green infrastructure.

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