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We design a green "Heat as a Service" solution for your production site.

We design a green "Heat as a Service" solution for your production site.

The expansion of renewable energies is essential to achieve the target of a maximum of 1.5 degrees of global warming.

In heat generation in particular, the share of fossil fuels is still far too high: renewable energies account for only 11% of the global and 19.5% of the German heat supply.

Source: IEA; Graphic: Share of renewable energies in the German heat supply in 2022

Novocarbo's unique product concept drives decarbonization

We operate carbon removal parks that will enable us to remove up to 30,000 metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere annually by 2025. We use state-of-the-art pyrolysis technology to process plant residues into biochar. In the process, the carbon in the biomass is bound and permanently stored in the biochar, which has many positive effects when used in agriculture, the construction industry or the textile industry.

The pyrolysis process generates regenerative, climate-neutral surplus energy. We offer this energy to industrial companies or municipal utilities in the form of Heat as a Service partnerships.

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Heat as a Service:
Benefit from our CO2-neutral heat solution

Our carbon removal parks generate an average of 18,000 MWh of heat per year, which we can provide in the form of hot water, warm water or process steam.


(minimum purchase
28,000 t process steam)

CO2 neutral warmth
as hot water, warm water or
process steam

Municipalities and cities
(minimum purchase
13,200 MWh hot water)

And here's how it works:

You decide on a
Heat as a Service partnership with us

We develop

Our experts select the best pyrolysis technology for you and develop a concept for a plant park tailored to your needs with a suitable heat solution. Through strategic partnerships, we have direct access to state-of-the-art pyrolysis plants of various sizes so that we can start planning immediately.

We build

We construct our carbon removal park on a suitable site: either on your premises or on a nearby property acquired by us. From obtaining the necessary permits to construction control and commissioning - the holistic planning and implementation of your green heating solution is in experienced hands with us.

We operate

Our qualified staff ensures optimized and reliable operation of the pyrolysis plant – from the purchase of biomass to smooth production in 24/7 operation. We feed the generated heat directly into the grid operated by you.

You get heat from
renewable energy

Your Benefits:

  • No investment and operating costs

  • No dependence on the energy market

  • No CO2 compensation costs arise in the long term

  • Image gain through a climate-neutral product

  • No maintenance and servicing effort

  • Stable price in the long term

  • No operational risks

Your contact

Guido Herrmann

Guido Herrmann

Senior Site Development Manager

Julian Bahnsen

Julian Bahnsen

Junior Site Development Manager

About Novocarbo

As a pioneer in trading carbon removal certificates, we are at the forefront of building a sustainable industry in Europe. We rely on one of the largest European distribution networks for biochar and can help you put your decarbonization plans into action.

With in-depth knowledge of the energy markets and technological innovations, we are your strong partner for green heat.

This is how the pyrolysis process works

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