German TV program Galileo covers CEO of Novocarbo as “Green Hero”

The prime time knowledge magazine reports about „climate saver biochar“

Novocarbo's CEO Caspar von Ziegner explains biochar in an interview with German TV Galileo in front of the pyrolysis plant

„Galileo Green Heroes“ are tackling the problems of our time and are making our lives greener. Novocarbo’s CEO Caspar von Ziegner was featured in this TV format as one of the very few green heroes our world so desperately needs. In the TV clip he explains:

  • How we help the energy transition with regenerative heat
  • How the pyrolysis process (also PYCCS = Pyrogenic Carbon Capture and Storage) works, producing biochar
  • How biochar binds CO2 and stores it permanently
  • What applications there are for biochar

In concrete, for example, biochar can replace cement or sand and provides better fire resistance and insulation, among other benefits.

At Novocarbo, we want to promote the decentralized applicability of pyrolysis technology. That’s why we are building new Carbon Removal Parks where the biomass is available and we can pass on the heat generated. “Pyrogenic carbon capture and storage will play a major role in future measures to remove CO2 from the atmosphere,” Ziegner states in the TV feature.

Our goal set is to capture up to 30,000 metric tons of CO2 annually by 2025 through new carbon removal parks.

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German TV program Galileo covers CEO of Novocarbo as “Green Hero”

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