Novocarbo & Carbonfuture: improving urban growing conditions in Stockholm

Improving urban growing conditions in Stockholm

© Jonatan Malmberg

Novocarbo, together with Carbonfuture have begun bringing the many benefits of biochar to the city Stockholm. The Roselundparken project utilizes biochar to not only act as an urban carbon sink, but as a way of greatly improving growing conditions for trees and other plants in the area. The need for such a solution was made abundantly clear after a survey found that a staggerring two-thirds of all trees in the inner city were either dead or dying. As the situation was clearly dire, a number of materials were tested before biochar was selected as the perfect solution.

The method of application is quite simple – biochar is integrated into plant beds, improving soil structure, water and nutrient retention capacity and ultimately sustainability. These improvements will benefit residents of Stockholm for generations, offering not only reduced co2, but long lasting and vibrant green spaces. The beauty of this project is that it provides a perfect blueprint for municipalities suffering from many of the same problems as Stockholm – and thanks to decades of industrialization in Europe, there are surely many who fit the bill.

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