Carbon Dioxide Removal by Novocarbo gets listed on carbon certificates marketplace

Carbon Dioxide Removal by Novocarbo gets listed on Carbon cCrtificates marketplace (2021)

© pixabay is an online B2B marketplace for carbon certificates and since 2021 we can proudly say: Novocarbo is part of it! Together we contribute to the development of the carbon removal market and help companies to reduce their carbon footprint in a sustainable and cost-effective way.

As part of’s Carbon Removal Certificate (CORC) supplier portfolio, we can provide our certificates securely and easily. The biochar produced by Novocarbo actively removes greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and secures them in the long term through versatile applications: As an enrichment agent for agricultural or forestry soils, in animal feed or in the real estate industry. Through, the CO2 extracted is certified by independent third parties. Environmentally conscious companies can buy the certificates with a clear conscience to offset their own CO2 footprint.

“Without carbon removal technologies, we can no longer achieve our climate goals. Secure trading of certificates is important to advance the technologies and decarbonize the markets as quickly as possible. The partnership with means we can actively drive the expansion of marketplaces for allowance trading,” says Venna Lepel, COO at Novocarbo.

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