Novocarbo helps metal producer decrease emissions and increase circularity

Novocarbo helps metal producer decrease emissions, increase circularity


When producing metal parts for the production of regenerative energies, one of our customers accumulated large quantities of old wood that previously had to be disposed of as waste. As our clients’ emission footprint is an essential part of the company’s integrity, the company seized the opportunity to move towards a more circular manufacturing approach.

The manufacturer has plans to produce large quantities of biochar in cooperation with the city, which will supply green cuttings. Tailored to the client’s needs, Novocarbo will take care of the distribution of the Biochar and deliver additional input material needed for the pyrolysis process. The resulting heat will be connected to the heating system and can be used for the canteen as well as for showers and could even be used for the metal processing itself.

Innovative technologies and cooperation generate a multilayered added value for the client, allowing for transparent communication that can improve the public image of the firm in the context of the current energy transition. The company intends to donate some Biochar produced by pyrolysis to regional social projects or to kindergartens and schools.

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