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why biochar?

Biochar has a wide range of uses across industries, allowing companies to improve their processes and unlock new opportunities. Biochar acts as not only a value-add material for companies, but it also allows them to greatly improve their sustainability metrics. Biochar has emerged as a multitalented material and as natural alternative to many hazardous substances in various industries. E.g., its properties make biochar well equipped to be used as a soil amendment, feedstock additive or even as advanced building material. Biochar serves these tasks well, while also offering the opportunity to meaningfully cut emissions.

How is biochar produced?

The cutting-edge pyrolysis process enables high volumes of biogenic residues to be converted into sustainable carbon sinks on an industrial scale. Under oxygen exclusion, the carbon contained in regional biomass is sequestered and bound in the form of biochar. Once it has been incorporated into the soil or other longterm applications, the carbon it contains is removed from the natural cycle for centuries: therefore the most stable and safest CO2 sink and the only commercially proven Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) technology becomes reality.

Who is Biochar for?

Biochar shows its worth across several markets, from purely industrial uses right down to daily-use consumer products. These include: agriculture, building materials, water treatment, air purification and the medical and pharmaceutical sectors among many others. As the benefits of biochar are proven in more instances, we will see the use cases greatly increase, consequently enabling low carbon and net-zero circular economies.

Why Novocarbo?

Passion meets Expertise: NovoCarbo Group

The NovoCarbo Group brings together a breadth of knowledge and experience to lead the way in Europe‘s push to develop a strong and sustainable biochar industry. As a leading operator of pyrolysis plants and an international trading platform for biochar as well its derivatives, NovoCarbo Group has an extensive network from companies to end users enabling innovative industrial products and making your CO2 reduction become a reality.

NovoCarbo offers some of the first true CCS products on the European market. The highly customizable biochar solutions can be used across a number of industries including agriculture as a soil amendment, in water treatment, to decarbonize textiles such as carpet and as an additive in sustainable building materials.

Carbo Control is a leading enabler of circular technology solutions for any industry to easily reduce their carbon footprint. Carbo Control equips it‘s customers with the knowledge, infrastructure and technology needed to successfully close and enable circular resource cycles.

Swiss Biochar stands at the forefront of the global biochar movement. 10 years of experience have shaped the products of Swiss Biochar, resulting in unique, high-quality substrates and biochar products for a wide range of applications.

NovoCarbo Research strives to be at the cutting edge of R&D in the biochar space. We work closely with companies and research institutes in order to foster a more collaborative approach to innovate sustainable industrial materials and develop new use cases.

Our NovoCarboGroup Solution

Novo Carbo’s platform is advanced and well suited to serve multiple sectors – we take biochar made from industrial by-products that may otherwise be discarded and put it in the hands of industrial players who can benefit from the advanced material. Our team of industry experts has been working on optimizing biochar and the integration of it into various industrial processes for many years. At the same time, we are eager to explore the value of biogenic additives in many sectors such as textiles, performance polymers and the building sector.


Being an established producer ourself gives us the means and knowledge to offer you the right product for your needs. As part of the Novo Carbo group, our enterprise in Switzerland, Swiss Biochar, offers not only long-standing expertise, but also rare, unique substrates. On of them, the „Swiss Terra Preta“ holds the potential to reverse current trends like declining soil fertility and associated desertification.


Our industrial solution from CarboControl closes the loop. Focusing on pyrolysis technology, we help our customers to design, implement and operate plants, enabling circularity across all industries.

Enabling sustainable soil fertility and plant growth

Swedish construction giant Skanska is already taking steps to bring climate neutrality within reach. Biochar has long held a place in its sustainability strategy, helping to bring its carbon footprint to zero. As a natural oasis in the Swedish city of Lund, “Nobelparken“ combines all the advantages of the city with the peacefulness of nature. Here, biochar was applied as compost and now contributes to the growth and preservation of the 236 different plant species spread over 3.8-hectars. Additionally, Skanska is building its first climate-neutral office building in Hyllie, Malmö, and biochar is playing an important role. The twelve-story building, scheduled to open in 2023, will include planted terraces utilizing biochar – contributing to water absorption, biodiversity, and the well-being of tenants.

Magnus Ekström of Skanska

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Unsurpassed tradition meets innovation

The Andresen family cultivates around 400 hectares of farmland with several hundred animals on the Barslund farm in Schleswig-Holstein Germany. The topic of regenerative agriculture has long played an important role. This is where biochar came into play, offering three major advantages: First, biochar is used as a detoxifying feed for livestock, it then binds nitrogen in the slurry biogas plant, which is then released back onto the farmland. The carbon binding in soil has a lasting effect and favors the build-up of nutrients and humus. The farm thus also saves on fertilizers, which they plan to phase out altogether in the coming years. While this is good for the environment, it also safeguards the land for future generations.

Andresen family farm

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Designing the future of sustainable building materials

The construction industry is seeing impressive growth at the moment and sustainability has taken a front seat in the next wave of urban expansion. One of the most important aspects of this new pivot to sustainability has been building materials. At Novo Carbo we are excited to play a role in the development of new cost-effective building materials to make a more sustainable building sector a reality. Our biochar products have a number of properties that make them particularly well suited for the building industry. For example, biochar has fantastic insulative properties – making it well suited to insulate buildings. It can also be utilized as an additive in things such as bricks and cement, greatly increasing the sustainability while also providing improved insulation and humidity regulation. Ultimately, we see this as only the tip of the iceberg, and we are continually working on new solutions to green the construction industry through the use of sustainably produced biochar.

NovoCarbo products used in the building material industry

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Industries / R & D

Multitalent Biochar

Decontamination and water treatment

Our products have outstanding decontamination and water treatment properties. Using the natural properties of carbon, we are able to successfully filter pollutants and toxins from soil and water.

Carbon Black

Carbon black derived from sustainably sourced and produced biochar can serve as a valuable additive in a number of products, including plastics, adhesives and paint. It is also an excellent conductor of electricity, making it well suited for a number of applications.

Activated Biochar

Our activated biochar is an activated carbon product produced on an industrial scale using plant carbon. It is based on European renewable raw materials. Due to the high profile properties it is ideal for filtration, food, medicine, cosmetics and special chemical applications.

Industrial Fillers

Biochar offers a number of benefits as a filler in industrial processes - our biochar products are already utilized in the carpet and flooring industry as a means of binding CO2. Using biochar in these processes ensures CO2 is properly, and permanently, stored in the resulting products. In addition, Biochar offers faster water absorption, long water storage, heat insulation and sound absorption.

Fertilizer Industry

Biochar from selected feedstock is high in nutrients and can be additionally charged with specific substances. Biochar inoculated with microbial cultures is a sustainable solution for targeted fertilizing and plant protection products.

NovoCarbo is engaged with both small and large partners in research institutes as well as industries pursuing meaningful R&D to not only perfect our biochar products, but also discover new use cases that can benefit from its application.


Climate change is a hot button issue in both political and social spheres around the globe. There is no doubt that solutions must be developed across the board to ensure that the numerous industries have a place in tomorrow’s society. In order to make a meaningful impact and avert the long-term consequences, it is critical to strive for change across a range of sectors.


We are committed to developing carbon reduction solutions, with the ultimate goal of giving industries the tools to operate sustainably and contribute to a prosperous future.

about us

Our Story

NovoCarbo is one of Europe‘s leading biochar providers offering high-quality products that provide significant benefits both in terms of carbon reduction, as well as increased product characteristics and agricultural or industrial output. As the correlation between sustainability and profitability grows, we are excited to offer sophisticated biochar solutions to organizations focused on staying ahead of the curve.


Our team of industry experts has been working on optimizing biochar and the integration of it in various industrial processes for many years. We make it easy to find your perfect biochar solution, offering a wide range of products that can help you grow your business while at the same time becoming more sustainable.


NovoCarbo’s main mission is to enable customers and partners to close material cycles and deliver more value to their products, farms or businesses.


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