CO2-negative circular economy

PyCCS Technologie = Pyrogenic Carbon Capture & Storage

A carbon negative circular economy for the food industry

Apply CCS technology to transform your biogenic residues into a carbon sink: with NovoCarbo as your project developer and service provider you produce valuable biochar, renewable energy and CO2 certificates.

Biogenic residues consists largely of carbon. With the help of PyCCS technology (pyrogenic carbon capture and storage), the carbon it contains is sequestered as highly valuable biochar. This is how we transform your residues into a carbon sink. What’s more, biochar is not only carbon negative but also a product with a wide range of added value that can be reintroduced into production or supply chains to great advantage. In terms of by-products, CCS technology produces clean, renewable waste heat.

The result is a carbon negative circular economy, with negative emissions that are measurable in CO2 certificates.

Carbon Sink Cicle

How are negative emissions quantified?

NovoCarbo PyCCS production is an EBC-certified carbon sink. EBC is the European Biochar Certificate, the highest national and international standard for the production of biochar.


How can I use the biochar that is produced?

Biochar is a soil improver and water retainer and is used by farmers, vegetable growers, gardeners and landscapers. It is also a carbon negative material for the manufacturing industry.

With our experience as biochar sellers and extensive research into the uses of biochar, we can tailor a strategy to your requirements.


What happens if the biochar can’t be reintegrated into the production/supply chain?

NovoCarbo is a leading international biochar producer and seller with a well-developed client network.
This means we are able to achieve targeted sales of biochar made from a range of input materials.

What happens to the heat produced?

We use some of the heat for the process itself which allows production to remain largely independent of external energy sources. Given that the amount of heat produced is more than the process requires, we integrate a heat concept into every new site. This may involve using it for production, feeding it into the heat grid or converting it into electricity.


What exactly does NovoCarbo offer?

For you we are both project developer and service provider of PyCCS systems. Alongside ensuring reliable operation and the production of biochar, we advise you on which technology to choose and work together with our longstanding partners to design and build your system either on your premises or close by.


What is the smallest scale involvement in this solution?

We offer our existing production sites and work together with you to develop a tailored circular concept. This gives you the chance to familiarise yourself with our technology and how we cooperate on a real prototype.

Whether it involves changes to input materials, process optimisation to boost sustainability or a application trial, we work together to ensure the success of every project on future sites.

Why NovoCarbo?

We have the necessary expertise to turn a range of different input materials into premium biochar for a variety of applications. We have years of experience in systems operation. We have already achieved certification as a carbon sink and sell CO2 credits. We have access to potential sales markets. We have a network of scientific experts to ensure your requirements for sustainability management, product characteristics and application are met.


“We are wholeheartedly committed to developing beneficial products from atmospheric carbon. Because carbon itself is not the problem. Carbon is life.“

Private clients
NovoCarbo is partner of enterprises (B2B). However, private customers can procure our high quality biochar through our experienced partner, HerbaCarbo. These experts are pleased to service you and address your inquires.
click here for HerbaCarbo site (DE)