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Sprouts grow in several pots in landscaping from a dark soil

Why Biochar as a Permanent Carbon Sink is Essential for Achieving Climate Targets

CO2 removal

Misleading Discussion on CO₂ Storage: Why the Distinction Between CDR and CCS Matters

Novocarbo & thyssenkrupp

How Novocarbo Helps thyssenkrupp rothe erde Reduce CO₂ with Green Heat

Carbon Dioxide Removal by Novocarbo gets listed on Carbon cCrtificates marketplace (2021)

Carbon Dioxide Removal by Novocarbo Gets Listed on Carbon Certificates Marketplace

Solving the Carbon dilemma

Solving the Carbon Dilemma

Skanska and Novocarbo develop sustainable construction solutions

Skanska and Novocarbo Develop Sustainable Construction Solutions

Using natural biopolymers to decarbonize textiles

Using Natural Biopolymers to Decarbonize Textiles

Improving urban growing conditions in Stockholm

Novocarbo & Carbonfuture: Improving Urban Growing Conditions in Stockholm

Filling in the gaps: How biochar can bring climate action to more sectors

Filling in the Gaps: How Biochar Can Bring Climate Action to More Sectors

Novocarbo helps metal producer decrease emissions, increase circularity

Novocarbo Helps Metal Producer Decrease Emissions, Increase Circularity

Novocarbo plant in Dörth – An early example of plant-carbon based carbon credits

Novocarbo Plant in Dörth – an Early Example of Plant-carbon Based Carbon Credits

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